Become a Patient

Are you ready to become a patient?

Become a Patient

Becoming a patient at Volunteers in Medicine free healthcare program is easy.  Please click on this link to schedule a phone call to talk to someone about qualifying.  You may also call us at 904.399.2766. Below is a chart to help you determine if you qualify for this program.  In order to qualify you or your spouse/partner must work a minimum of 20 hours per week and meet the following guidelines.  If you do not qualify, but are still interested in the program, please call and a staff member will be happy to assist you.



To help you determine if you qualify to become a patient, below are some qualifying guidelines:

Do you or your spouse/partner work at least 20 hours per week?

You do not have health insurance?

Your household gross (before tax) income falls in the range below (if more people in household than listed below please click here to schedule a call to discuss qualifying):


Volunteers in Medicine 2019 Patient Qualifying  Guidelines

Persons in family/ household Qualifying Minimum
Qualifying Maximum
1 $13,000 $31,225
2 $13,000 $42,275
3 $13,000 $53,325
4 $13,000 $64,375
5 $13,000 $75,425
6 $13,000 $86,475
7 $13,000 $97,525


Still not sure if you qualify or have additional questions? You can schedule a phone call by clicking here Schedule a phone call or be called by filling out the form below! After speaking with you, the volunteers will review the documentation that you need to bring to the clinic and set up your in-person appointment to finish qualifying for the clinic. Once you qualify for our services you will then be given an appointment for your first exam as soon as possible.